Upcoming Fantasy Novels In 2014 – Part 1

A while ago I was asking myself: “What would the fantasy authors have in store for us the next year?” That’s why I decided to ask them the following two questions:
1. What will be your next book and when will it hit bookshelves?
2. What can you tell us of the storyline of that book?
(Although the header of this post says ‘2014’, there are a few authors whose next book will be released in the last three months of 2013 and I decided to include them also in these posts).
I’ve received so many great answers that the post has become too big to publish in one piece. So I’ve decided to do it in two posts, part one today and part two tomorrow. And believe me when I say that there are some very promising fantasy books ahead of us.
Enjoy these posts where, unlike most other ‘upcoming’ posts, you can read about the new fantasy books in words coming directly from the authors themselves (authors are listed alphabetically).

Bradley Beaulieu
Beaulieu1. My next book is called TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI and will be published through DAW Books. It’s tentatively scheduled for the fall/winter of 2014.
2. TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI tells the tale of a female pit fighter that rises up to challenge the rule of the twelve kings of Sharakhai, who long ago made a dark pact with the gods of the desert and ever since have ruled the Great Shangazi with an iron fist. It’s a story of revenge that quickly turns into something much larger than our hero ever suspected.

Miles Cameron
Cameron1. My next book is THE FELL SWORD, Book 2 of the Traitor Son Chronicles. It’s out in December 2013 in the UK, and the third book, Tournament of Fools, a year later.
2. The storyline?
Well–far to the east of where we last saw our heroes, The Company, the Emperor has apparently been kidnapped and his daughter, the Princess Irene, is desperate to be rescued.  So desperate that she’s willing to pay in gold…
To the south, new and powerful knights are gradually taking over the King’s court in Harndon as surely as if by conquest.  And when one of them uses the King’s power to collect taxes, he ignites what may prove to be a civil war…
….while the Queen discovers certain truths, both inside her own body and deep in her husband’s past–truths that both involve the Red Knight.
In the north, a new power arises –The Red Knight’s mother takes a hand in politics–
Assassins, foresters, magic, giants, knights, faeries, war, death, and dancing. Two dragons.  And some theology.
And towards the end–a glimpse of the fabric of the universe.

Myke Cole
Cole1. My next book is BREACH ZONE, which wraps up the Shadow Ops trilogy. It will be on shelves January, 2014.
2. I’ve worked really hard to make sure that all three of the novels in the series are very different. I’m really proud to say that I am confident I have achieved that in BREACH ZONE. It’s nothing like either of its predecessors. I’ll have to tread carefully to avoid spoilers here:
If you’re a fan of Alan Bookbinder, Sarah Downer or Oscar Britton, they’re all in the book, but the protagonist is Jan Thorsson, call sign Harlequin, who you’ll know as Britton’s nemesis from Control Point.
I’ve always believed that all antagonists are the hero of their own story. Pure evil for evil’s sake is extremely rare if it even exists at all. To that end, I take some time to fully explore the backstory of the first two books’ main bad-girl, Scylla. If I did my job right, readers will come away maybe not sympathizing with her, but at least understanding her.
Breach Zone takes place entirely in New York City. Just keep in mind that the city’s borders don’t end at the shoreline (not so subtle hint).
This is my first non-chronolinear novel. The book is a present day narrative interwoven with an older timeline. If I pulled it off right, both will deliver a gut punch of a climax at the same time.
Anything else would truly be beyond the pale. You’ll have to read it to find out. It’s definitely my most ambitious work to date, and I really hope I pulled it off. We’ll know in four months.

Elspeth Cooper
Cooper1. The next book will be THE DRAGON HOUSE, the concluding volume of The Wild Hunt, and it should be hitting the shelves in the UK in October 2014. Of course, I have to finish it first…
2. Not much, really, because it contains massive spoilers for the rest of the series. Also, it’s not finished yet! All I can say is that Gair’s world is slowly falling apart and he feels he has nowhere to turn. His problems with his abilities have reached the point where something’s got to give: either his self-control or his sanity. On a larger scale, the Empire mirrors Gair’s struggles, beset by insurrection within and invasion from without, and it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to survive – and in what form. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been: time for one last roll of the dice.

Julie Czerneda
Czerneda1. My next book will be A PLAY OF SHADOW, and it’s a sequel to A Turn of Light. The release date is November 2014.
2. We rejoin the characters a couple of months later, with winter about to settle into Marrowdell. This is, in many ways, Bannan’s book and I hope readers who’ve taken to him will be as happy as I am with the result. There’s adventuring and quiet times and, of course, toads. Plus some surprises. Matt Stawicki is working on the cover this month. I don’t think it gives anything away to promise rather wicked turtles.

DB Jackson
Jackson1. My next book will be A PLUNDER OF SOULS, book III in the Thieftaker Chronicles, my historical urban fantasy set in pre-Revolutionary Boston.  I expect that the novel will be released sometime in the early summer of 2014.
2. A PLUNDER OF SOULS continues the adventures of Ethan Kaille, a conjurer and thieftaker living in Colonial Boston.  In “A Spell of Vengeance,” a short story I published at Tor.com last year, Ethan encounters another conjurer named Nate Ramsey. Ramsey seeks to avenge the death of his father, which he blames on two wealthy merchants.  The merchants hire Ethan to protect them, but Ethan fails. Ramsey kills them both and gets away, though not before engaging in a battle of wits and magic with Ethan that nearly results in the deaths of both conjurers.  In A PLUNDER OF SOULS, Ramsey is back.  He has returned to Boston to take his revenge on Ethan, and to make himself more powerful than any conjurer in memory.  And I think I would rather not say much more than that.  As in the previous Thieftaker books (Thieftaker and Thieves’ Quarry) Ethan is forced to deal with his rival, the lovely and deadly Sephira Pryce.  As before, he is still with his love, Kannice Lester, and he is helped by Diver Jervis and the Reverend Trevor Pell.  But in other ways this is a different kind of story.  It has elements of fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery, but there is also a ghost story thrown in.  I think it’s a fun book, and I hope readers agree.

Howard Andrew Jones
Jones1. My next novel will be out in just a few weeks (November 12, 2013). It’s a standalone sequel to Plague of Shadows, featuring two of the main characters from the first book. It’s titled STALKING THE BEAST and you can read more about it here: http://paizo.com/products/btpy8you.
Right now I’m working on a completely new secondary world fantasy series. It’s longer than anything else I’ve written so far, but I believe I’m maintaining the same fast pace I love and to which I believe my readers respond. I’m not sure when it will be coming out, but I’m trying to have a rough draft done by year’s end. It’s a little like a cross between The Chronicles of Amber and the Knights of the Round Table.
I’m also putting the outline together for a completely new set of books for the Paizo Pathfinder line.
2. The Pathfinder write-up sums it up pretty nicely. I’ll say that I had a lot of fun with the three different, and equal, viewpoint character, because they have contrasting and not necessarily complementary motivations. I’ve ramped up the action to an even higher level than the first Elyana novel, and it’s loaded with plenty of surprises.

Francis Knight
Knight1. My next book is LAST TO RISE, the last instalment of my Rojan Dizon series. It’s out November 26th, 2013.
2. The towering vertical city of Mahala is on the brink of war with its neighbouring countries. It might be his worst nightmare, but Rojan and the few remaining pain mages have been drafted in to help.
The city needs power in whatever form they can get it — and fast. With alchemists readying a prototype electricity generator, and factories producing guns faster than ever, the city’s best advantage is still the mages.
Leading the alchemists is Rojan’s sister, with a risky plan to help tap the mages’ strength and overcome the armies marching towards them. With food in the city running out and a battle brimming that no one is ready for, risky is the best they’ve got…

Mark Lawrence
Lawrence1. PRINCE OF FOOLS is the first book in The Red Queen’s War trilogy and is out June 2014.
2. The inspiration might be loosely described as Harry Flashman meets Conan the Viking (see photo).
The story follows the fortunes of Jalan Kendeth, an arrogant and cowardly womanizer, a bully and a cheat. Our ‘hero’ has lived his life in luxury and plans to continue doing so. Things start to go wrong when poor judgment entangles him in the adventures of an axe-wielding barbarian from the frozen north…
Prince of Fools shows us the world of the Broken Empire with a thicker vein of humor than Jorg’s tale, but it’s the same bloodstained place and from time to time we catch a glimpse of Jorg and his friends in the background.
The first 2 lines reads:
I’m a liar and a cheat and a coward, but I will never, ever, let a friend down. Unless of course not letting them down requires honesty, fair play, or bravery.

Helen Lowe
Lowe1. My next book will be DAUGHTER OF BLOOD: The Wall of Night Book 3 and the publication date is Sept/Oct 2014.
2. A Failing Wall, a Broken Shield… Malian and Kalan are pursuing separate paths back to the Derai Alliance – but already it may be too late. The Swarm is rising and the Wall of Night, dangerously weakened in the Betrayal War, is on the verge of failing. Everywhere, the Darksworn are on the move as the threads of an old pattern begin to tighten about Kalan, and Malian searches for the fabled Shield of Heaven, which every account agrees was broken… In Grayharbor and in the Red Keep, a child and a young woman are caught in conflict’s maw, as whispers gather around Dread Pass and a Darksworn prophecy points to Malian herself being the stake the ancient enemy will drive into the heart of the Derai Alliance.

I want to thank all the authors who have participated in these posts and I also want to give a special thanks to Teresa Frohock and Peter Orullian, who have nothing on the schedule right now, but were so kind to answer my e-mail none-the-less.

This is part 1 of one big post. Click on the corresponding links below to read the other parts:

 Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

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